7 bedrooms

2 floors

761 m2

Total built 761 m2
Ground floor 284 m2 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
1 kitchen
1 large living room
Patio 142 m2
Grill area 56 m2
1st Floor 188 m2 4 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms
Veranda 43 m2
Cellar 48 m2
Swimming pool 12x6 m
COVERED PARKING 4 parking places

3.300.000 R$


Total built

761 m 2
7 bedrooms ans 8 bathrooms, spread over two floors. Large living room overlooking the patio with swimming pool and hot tub.

Ground floor

4 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
1 Kitchen
1 Large living room
284 m2
Structural waterproof concrete floor slab.
Choice of flooring from natural stone, granite, ceramic or wood.
Ceramic tiled bathrooms and kitchen.

Internal walls: made of 12x19x39 cm cement blocks with natural white plaster.
External walls: More than 70% covered in natural stone and the remaining 30% is plastered with colors which blend into the surrounding environment.
137 m2
Partially covered patio.
56 m2
Outdoor grill area made of 10 cm reinforced concrete, covered with natural stone, granite or ceramic.

Paved area covered with stone with grill area, sink and outdoor kitchen, with adjoining shower and bathroom, surrounded by greenery.

first floor

4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
1 office
63 m2
Slab in beams and hollow bricks, armed and clad in granite or ceramic.
Office made with wooden frame, with solid wood floor finish.
Interior walls covered with natural white plaster.
xxx veranda 1° piano
20 m2
xxx Varanda impermeabilizada revestidos lajes de granito jateado o escovado.


wine cellar
storage area
utility room
48 m2
Underground cellar used as a wine cellar, utility room and storage, made of waterproof concrete with waterproof warranty. Internal concrete smooth troweled floor with anti-dust treatment.


covered parking
4 parking places
Structure built of eucalyptus with covering using flat tiles or Piaçaba.


72 m2
Waterproof concrete structure with watertight warranty.
outdoor paving
45 m2
Pool lining and paving in 2 cm polished anti-slip granite or ceramic.
pool side
40 m
Pool edging made of 3 cm rounded granite.
Neolysis water treatment system with energy-efficient pumps, such as Viron.


While the construction site is being set up, vegetation in the construction area will be reorganized by a landscape architect.
Native protected plants will be transplanted into clean soil and in a nursery area: they will then be replanted at the end of the work.
The garden area facing the house will be sowed with native grass.
The property's perimeter will be enclosed with a planted boundary, for example using Sansao do Campo.

air conditioning piping

The piping for the air conditioning system is set into the walls during construction.

optic fiber

Points available in the bedrooms, in the living room and study.



Access to the first floor is provided by stairs made of concrete, covered in granite, wood or ceramic.

windows and doors

Wood or wood colored PVC windows, with sliding frame for nets in the bedrooms. Interior and exterior doors made of solid wood.


Wooden supporting structure with ceiling made of wood or Piaçava straw, covered with a waterproof surface and protected by flat tiles which can be walked on.


High-density polyethylene discharge pipes (PN 6/PN 8).
HDPE water pipes with liner pipe, such as Pex.
Hot water produced by 1 or 2 boilers with a 300 liter heat pump, COP (COE) > 3.7

electrical system

220V / 380 V.
Legrand systems, chosen for quality and durability.


All wood is treated with a natural product, which protects it from insects, and painted with osmotic colors which allow the wood to breathe.
The stone, after having been washed carefully, is treated with a water repellent which protects and enhances its color, without adding a layer.
The plaster is painted and treated with a water repellent to ensure the walls breathe correctly.



All the materials used can be viewed in the display at the Polo Club Polomar Info Point.

xxx água

xxx Graças à Fazenda Polomar onde temos uma boa condição geológica garantimos, por meio de três poços artesianos com profundidade de 120m, abastecimento de serviços de água para irrigação e água potável.

wastewater treatment

The condominium is equipped with a canalization system for the treatment of wastewater